P711 – 4-in-1 USB/DVD Series Flash to DVD Duplicator 1-11

  • Disc to Disc:Disc copy to Disc
  • Disc to USB/Flash:Multi-source append copy to USB/Flash
  • USB/Flash to Disc:Multi-source append copy to disc
  • USB/Flash to USB/Flash:Multi-source append copy to one
  • USB/Flash

uPRO is an outstanding equipment which can solve the trouble of backing up disc and flash. Friendly user interface,uPRO canhelp you easily backup or transfer your disc or flash source to disc/flash target. The easiest way to collect your favorite discs into anUSB/Flash storage.

  •  Support M-Disc which can protect data from damage for a thousand years.
  •  4 copy functions in one unit. Easy to backup or transfer your disc/flash source to disc/flash target.
  • Support Disc to USB/Flash appends copy. Load different discs one by one into the reader drive, and append copy to one
  • USB/Flash target.
  • Standalone, no PC required.
  • Support SD, CF, SDHC, MicroSD source or target via USB card reader.
  • Support USB/Flash multisession copy to disc.
  • Support USB/Flash to append copy.
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